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URC MX-880 Remote Control Cover
URC MX-880 Remote Control Cover

Remote Buddies started because of our clients! We're an AV company at heart and we've been doing custom residential and commercial audio video installations for almost 20 years, in that time we've programmed thousands of remote controls for our clients. Time and time again, we've had to replace broken remotes. Time and time again our clients have asked why there isn't anything to protect their remote control. Afterall, we put protective covers on every device we use; our phones, tablets and laptops. Why not protect one of the most handled electronic devices in our home. And so we developed the RB880 cover and received so much positive feedback, that we followed up with the RB890 cover and just kept going! We hope you, whether an AV installer and/or client find the benefit of owning and offering Remote Buddies covers! 


The Remote Buddies covers have been custom designed for a precise fit. These covers perfectly fit the contours of the remote they're made for; just like an iPhone cover fits an iPhone.  The Remote Buddies covers help protect your remote from damage while still allowing complete functionality. Made of a flexible silicone material, they have the added benefit of protecting your furniture from scratches and providing a nice comfortable grip in your hand. 

We currently have the Remote Buddies remote covers available for the following Universal Remote Control and Crestron remote control models:

URC (Universal Remote Control)

  • MX-780

  • MX-780i

  • RM-1 (CC Gen 2)

  • TRC-780 (Total Control) 

  • X-7 (from BestBuy/Magnolia)

  • MX-980

  • MX-950

  • MX-880

  • MX-880i

  • MX-880z

  • MX-810

  • MX-890

  • RM-2 (CC Gen 2)

  • TRC-1080 (Total Control) 

  • TRC-820 (Total Control) 

  • MXHP-R500 (MX HomePro)


  • MLX-3

  • Prodigy PLX-3

If you are an av installer or dealer and would like to carry Remote Buddies, please email


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